Is It Too Much To Ask For?? 🔐💔

I’m not perfect, but I’m thankful..🙌🍁


I wanted to be enough for you. The day we met still lingers in my memory. Lost in the haze of laughters, my clumsy self tripped over and fell headfirst into your arms. I learned to apologize, expecting an angry response, but you laughed instead.😊 Right then and there, I knew I’d be yours. 💖Those stolen moments, away from the gang, those moments were ours. I couldn’t get enough of you. Sometimes it was just holding hands and looking at each other endlessly. Other times it was just arguing over a silly silly thing to gain some attention. Moment by moment, bit by bit, I fell deeper in love with you. Every passing day confirmed what my heart had already decided. Maybe it was the feeling of your fingers running through my hair. Or maybe it was the way you’d grab me to pull me into your embrace. Either way, I was powerless to resist you. I couldn’t. I didn’t want to. You made me feel as though I was the only person in the world, and although I knew I wasn’t, that didn’t seem to matter so long as we were together. I thought I was right to trust you. I thought I was enough. Maybe that’s why I didn’t see the warning signs. When me being sad became a reason not to hold me, I said I understood. I didn’t want to burden you with my tears. And when my existence became a reason not to love me, I said I understood. I don’t know why I thought I’d ever be enough for you. I guessed I asked you for too much. Like and unlike many other, our love also had an expiration date, we were just like half-soured milk. And we tried, didn’t we, to stick the label forever over somethingthat’s already expired, over this love. I thought you might stay for a while, but you never defined me. You helped me to be who I am now, but I don’t need you for who I will become. 

Grateful for the experience but glad you’re gone.🤞

But I will still miss the awkwardness, shy pauses, laughter. Your hands searching for mine but hesitant to reach. The moments before I knew you loved me. How natural it felt as the words slipped out of your mouth and directly fell into my empty heart. 😊💘 It’s not that I don’t like you now, because I do. You are not the person who i can walk with through the right path but walking with you in the wrong path also felt right. SOMETIMES. But still, I wear my fears, anxiety, because its familiar, its unchanging. But I think its time to wear something new. Something what I’m for. I know you were right, but I was right too and to understand something we need to figure it out on our own. I believe one day it just gets better, there is no reason or explanation why?! May be there was no hatred between us and there was only an absence of love.

But today is the day I realized you no-more owe the power over me. Still I hear your words in my mind like a song on repeat. This sunburn love, gone as soon as it came. Our love was smoke rings it didn’t even leave the footprints. 👣

Be Happy And The Reason Will Come Along..!! :)

The world is full of unhappy people. Not the ‘unhappy for a particular reason’. Generally unhappy. Always complaining. Depressed, annoyed, angry at the state of affairs – and not exactly sure of what it is! Ironically, all of us constantly state their need for happiness, but if we sit back and analyse the situation a bit, we realize that we are unhappy not because of the circumstances, but out of choice.
This might sound silly, because who would do things that would make us unhappy? No one. But that’s the thing – We are not actively doing anything about our happiness other than being – unhappy.
To be honest i have gone through this syndrome very recently and i know how it feels. i remember the time when i cut off with all my social media platforms to stay away from negativity, but nothing worked. In todays world it is hard to stay away from technology, and for me being a computer science student, just IMPOSSIBLE. And now – I WANT A PERMANENT SOLUTION FOR IT. So today, I am revisiting the same ‘unhappy for no reason’ thing but with a calmer, clearer mind. Why do we have to pity ourselves constantly? And talk about every small thing that we think isn’t working out well?

One of most obvious reasons why we seem to be so unhappy all the time is that we choose to share the unhappiness more than the happiness. One reason I can think of is that maybe we truly do believe that we deserve a better deal than the one we got now. Most of us constantly compare our state with others. And yes, the comparison is between ‘all things bad in our lives, and all things good in the others’. We conveniently ignore the other halves of both the lives. And of course the end result is a lot of self pity and sighing  about just how perfect someone else’s life is. In short, unhappiness.

I know, I am sounding like a preachy old maata here, but in this regard, maybe I have become one. Happiness attracts happiness. Positive brings positive. And just the same way, focusing on your sadness, will only make it more prevalent in your life.
So we need to understand that we will not have perfect lives. Things will not always work out. You will have to deal with people and situations that suck. There will be traffic jams, and annoying relatives, and beautiful things that you cannot afford or you will put on weight faster even though you eat lesser.   Yes, There will always be things that are unfair, not cool, even horrible.

 Yes, things could have been better. But they aren’t. So suck it up, move on.  And for heaven’s sake, try not talking about it all the time.